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Cotton Yarn (open-end) | Tejen Cotton Yarn Factory

Cotton Yarn (open-end)

EXW price Negotiable
Minimum order quantity 20 tons
Production capacity per month 400 tons
Terms of delivery EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF
Currency of payment TMT, USD, EURO
Terms of payment S.W.I.F.T
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Additional information
  • Model: Cotton Yarn (open-end)
  • Packing Material: Polypropylene sucks or carton box or wooden pallet
  • Volume capacity: In sucks 24 bobbins open-end cotton yarns (56-57kg)
  • We produce the following types of cotton yarn
  • 1. Cotton yarn Nm10/1 (Ne6/1) open-end
  • 2. Cotton yarn Nm12/1 (Ne7/1) open-end
  • 3. Cotton yarn Nm14/1 (Ne8/1) open-end
  • 4. Cotton yarn Nm17/1 (Ne10/1) open-end
  • 5. Cotton yarn Nm20/1 (Ne12/1) open-end
  • 6. Cotton yarn Nm27/1 (Ne16/1) open-end
  • 7. Cotton yarn Nm34/1 (Ne20/1) open-end
  • Offered products produced on one of the leading worldwide modern european textile machines.
  • All products tested on different quality parameters to ensure their quality and long lasting nature.
  • Terms of payment: 100% deposit in advance via bank.
  • Delivery time: within 30 days.
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